Dental Accounting Association

The Dental Accounting Association is a network of CPA Firms located in North America working collectively to elevate the quality of dental practice accounting, tax planning and profit coaching.

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Dental CPA Coaching

The Dental Accounting Association members all understand the need for Dental Practice Coaching and Benchmarking. Our members understand your desire to improve practice productivity for your dental practice.

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How Are Dental CPA's Different?

While our dental accountants are CPA’s as well, the size of our member firms is closer to the size of your dental practice. That’s why our fees are more reasonable and well understood in advance, rather than billed hourly.

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New Dentist Program

Our new dentist program is designed to help new dentists start their career with a solid financial foundation. We totally understand that creating the right professional relationships often start well in advance of actually needing those services.

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Looking for a Dental Accountant?

If you are a dentist looking for a boutique CPA Firm that specializes in dental accounting, submit your information below and we will do everything possible to match your search with a member firm.

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Dental CPA Summit at American Assoc of Orthodontists Annual – Wash DC - Wed, 02 May 2018

The Dental Accounting Association will be hosting their 3rd Annual Dental CPA Summit on Friday, May 4th, in Washington DC. This year’s Dental CPA Summit will be held just before the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual from May 5th to May 8th.  The AAO Annual is expected...
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Dental Practice Ownership is Falling, Especially Amongst Younger Dentists - Wed, 02 May 2018

The share of dentists in private practices who are owners has declined overall since 2005, reports the ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI). The trend is much more pronounced for younger dentists than for older ones. Dentists under the age of 35 have seen a decline of practice ownership of 44% ...
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States Most in Need of Dentists - Wed, 02 May 2018

Over the next few weeks, over 6,000 dentists in the United States will graduate from one of 66 accredited dental schools and enter the workforce.  Given that, where should they head geographically? From a pure numbers perspective, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has ...
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