Dental Events

Each year, the Dental Accounting Association participates in national dental trade shows and invites outside speakers for educational purposes. Over the years, the Dental Accounting Association has participated and had a booth at American Dental Association Annual (ADA), American Association of Orthodontists Annual (AAO), and American Academy Pediatric Dentistry Annual (AAPD). The Dental Accounting Association is the ONLY accounting association to participate and support the annual dental industry events.

Individually, members of the Dental Accounting Association also participate and support the local dental trade shows like New York Dental Show, Hinman, California Dental Association (CDA), Florida Dental Convention, The Texas Dental Association, Star of the South, Ohio Dental Association, Rocky Mountain Dental Association, North Carolina Dental Show, Gulf Coast Dental Show and several others.

Dental Associations

To further our knowledge of the dental industry, some members of the Dental Accounting Association are also active members of Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), National CPA Health Care Advisors Association (Dental CPAs is a sub-group of HCAA), state/local dental associations, and smaller dental study clubs.

Outside Speakers

Throughout the year, the Dental Accounting Association hosts a series of educational webinars for our Dental CPA members. Below are a series of webinars that outside speakers have contributed to our group.

Lendeavor – lending provider that is leveraging technology to speed up the lending space

Bedford Cost Segregation – engineering firm that provides accelerates depreciation to lower your taxes on commercial property

Bentson Copple & Associates – leading provider for orthodontic M&A and ortho practice valuations

CARR Healthcare Realty – leading provider for medical practice office space negotiation (lease rates, build-outs, real estate acquisition, signage, parking, etc.) – everything is negotiable

Fraud Risk Consultant – Susan Gunn shared insights on how to lower the risk of fraud within dental practices

Employment Law – Ali Oromchian, Esq shared insights with our group on lowering your risk of lawsuits within the dental practice space

Pelident – practice management software solution designed to improve practice productivity and profitability

Wood & Delgado – Patrick Wood presented live on practice M&A, due diligence and various other dental matters (represented over 7000 dentists nationwide)

Bank of America – leading provider of dental practice loans presented live

SIKKA – practice management software solution designed to improve practice profitability and pricing

David Cohen Law – shared the hottest areas of dental law and biggest areas of need

Automated Bookkeeping – we have had two vendors provide presentations on automating your bookkeeping process to reduce labor

Offshore Bookkeeping – we have had one vendor present to our group about the benefits of acquiring additional capacity by offshoring the bookkeeping function

Student Loan Debt Consolidation – two leading providers have both presented the importance of refinancing student loans and the impact on your dental lending costs

Treloar & Heisel – leading insurance provider for dental specialty practices